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Oceansix: Born from a legacy of sustainable manufacturing


How can a new company carry a legacy of 29 years?

Oceansix does, growing from Cabka, a global leader in creating transport packaging from hard-to-recycle plastic waste. Founded by Gat Ramon, a recognized name in the recycling world, Cabka showcases the possible: running a prosperous business while uniting it with sustainable practices and a circular economy character. Therefore, oceansix is not just an enterprise; it is a 29-year-long statement that responsible business is good business.


Oceansix: A dynamic response to contemporary industrial hurdles


Oceansix is not a simple extension but a sharp response to modern industrial challenges, employing a startup's agility while leveraging Cabka's vast experience. Acting as a pipe to transfer knowledge, expertise, and sustainable practices into new industrial domains, it represents a symbiosis of pioneering spirit and proven methodologies. Guided by a philosophy to repurpose and reuse what many consider waste, oceansix is composing a path where green manufacturing is not just a theoretical idea but a practical, working model. It is not about avoiding waste; it is about witnessing potential where others see discard, transforming it into something of tangible value.


Venturing into sustainable horizons

This is oceansix, a company that speaks through action, demonstrating that we will walk towards sustainable solutions, even if that means navigating unexplored territories. Using our rich heritage of knowledge in proven sustainable practices, we will adapt, innovate, and iterate. In the coming months, expect a wave of innovation from oceansix, so stay tuned to see how we are working to bring the next chapter in green manufacturing, where we make recovery, reuse, and sustainability the main character.