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oceansix Launches HydroQuick, the Ultra-efficient Hydroponic Cultivation System


HydroQuick, the innovative hydroponic system set to transform agriculture with simplicity, versatility, and sustainable design

In a transformative initiative set to redefine the agricultural industry, oceansix is proud to unveil HydroQuick — a groundbreaking system designed to revolutionize the efficiency and sustainability of hydroponic farming. This cutting-edge system is crafted to transform the way farmers install this method of cultivation, making the process smoother, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.


oceansix rapidly transitioned HydroQuick from its conceptual stages to commercialization, reflecting the robustness of oceansix's innovation engine. This fast-paced execution showcases our engineering team's dedication and strategic capability to deliver pioneering solutions to the market.


HydroQuick's unique all-in-one design integrates a drainage channel, spacer, and clip system, making installation very straightforward — a contrast to the complexity of traditional hydroponic setups. This innovative approach slashes installation time and significantly reduces the need for labour.

HydroQuick's competitive edge

Streamlined installation

HydroQuick is engineered for effortless setup and maintenance. The system's intuitive design removes the need for additional tools, offering a seamless experience from assembly to maintenance.


Versatility at its best

Whether for a compact farm or long-length fields, HydroQuick's modular nature allows it to adapt to any space or scale. This versatility ensures that any venture into hydroponics is unlimited by location, whether outdoors or in a greenhouse.


Resourceful and eco-friendly

Aligning with the necessary demands for conservation and responsible farming, HydroQuick maximizes the reuse of water and fertilizers. The product's sustainable materials, including fully recyclable plastic, underscore Oceansix's environmental commitment.


The confidence in HydroQuick is bolstered by successful field trials that have impressed several prospective clients, clearly showcasing the system's benefits and effectiveness.

With advanced negotiations underway for a market launch in Europe and the MENA region, oceansix is scaling up production to meet anticipated demand.


You are invited to be a part of oceansix' impact, business, and future to build better tomorrows. 

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