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oceansix Joins the goCircular Radar: Pioneering the Future of Circular Economy



We are thrilled to announce that oceansix is now a proud member of the goCircular Radar open innovation ecosystem, the first European community dedicated exclusively to circular economy startups. Pioneered by TheCircularLab, this remarkable platform represents the first comprehensive map of startups in the vibrant circular economy sector.

The Power of Collaboration: Inside the goCircular Radar Ecosystem

By joining the goCircular Radar, oceansix stands at the forefront of a transformative movement. The goCircular Radar is not just about mapping the ecosystem; it's about fostering visibility for innovative companies like ours that are committed to sustainable and circular business practices.


This membership signifies a significant step forward in our journey. It opens up new avenues for collaboration, attracting potential clients, collaborators, investors, and other key economic players. Our inclusion in this ecosystem underscores our dedication to contributing to the circular economy, driving innovation, and promoting sustainability.

Driving Sustainability: Our Commitment to the Circular Economy

The circular economy is more than a concept; it's the future of how businesses operate, focusing on sustainability, resource efficiency, and innovation. By being part of goCircular Radar, we're not just part of a community; we're part of a movement towards a more sustainable and economically viable future.


We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to enhance our capabilities, showcase our innovative solutions, and collaborate with like-minded businesses and individuals. Together, we can accelerate the transition to a circular economy, creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

The Future is Circular

Thank you to TheCircularLab and the goCircular Radar for this incredible opportunity. We are excited about the potential collaborations and innovations that lie ahead.


Let's embrace the circular economy and make sustainability the cornerstone of our operations. The future is circular, and together, we can make a significant impact!


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