what we do

We aspire to create better, sustainable solutions to real-world challenges that benefit businesses and our habitats. We develop innovative products with a strong environmental focus, transforming how plastic waste is reused across industries.

We challenge current thinking, processes, and methodologies by leveraging our expertise and lasting relationships with industry partners while developing significant ecological and economical value.

explore the undiscovered ocean

Our name represents our dedication to exploring undiscovered territories and paving new paths, reshaping industries, organizations, and communities. We are proud to be at the forefront of combining innovative engineering and design with our expertise in plastic waste to go beyond the familiar.

waste-to-product circle

We know it is imperative to build viable, successful businesses in order to grow, fund, and fuel our innovation initiatives. This model represents our practical approach to sustainable production and the balance at the heart of our activity. A workflow that powers our core innovation-driven growth by developing new sustainable products and businesses.

Our innovation hub is responsible for the ideation, design, and development of cutting-edge technologies and products based on repurposed plastic waste fused with technology.

The transformation of plastic waste into new recycled raw materials and high-value products sold in global markets.

oceansix tomorrow

We are a company where innovation is at our core. We cultivate disruptive ideas and develop solutions fused with technological and engineering ingenuity. Our R&D hub is supported by an entire in-house value chain - from idea, inception, and design to manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

oceansix products

Our manufacturing arm transforms recycled plastics into diverse, smart products that serve multiple industries, including automotive, beverage, construction, and agriculture. 

We offer highly customized, multifunctional solutions that comply with the latest environmental requirements as well as demanding client needs. Our products take the responsible route, use a circular way of thinking, and are designed to last.

  • agriculture


cultivating a sustainable future

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  • packaging


disrupting industrial packaging

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  • winery


upgrading cellar storing and transportation

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our leadership team


Experienced business executive at leading startups, negotiating major deals with multinational enterprises and scaling Israeli tech providers through open innovation. Driven professional dedicated to business growth and innovation.




Proficient executive in various manufacturing sectors, possesses a wealth of expertise in overseeing multinational corporations. His global background fosters a strong commitment to diversity and building inclusive, strong teams.

Business Development Director

Strategic business development executive with vast experience in driving revenue growth through strategic partnerships, product and geographical market expansion, and development of digital brand presence. Proven track record in identifying new opportunities and developing holistic, high-impact strategies across various industries.

Marketing & Communications Director

Accomplished professional in marketing and communications, with extensive experience across international markets. Skilled in agile thinking, effective team leadership and committed to driving impactful outcomes.



Founder and Shareholder, Oceansix

An industrial pioneer and environmental visionary working to bring forth innovative solutions that disrupt large industries and old economies. Serial recycling entrepreneur and founder of two successful public companies, as well as other business ventures. Gat is an established European thought leader in the field of waste recycling and related technologies, introducing unorthodox solutions to the problem of post-consumer waste.


Our global team envisions new solutions that disrupt industries whilst making sense for the environment and our future communities. 

Our industrial designers work closely with our engineers to develop new and advanced products based mainly on post-consumer plastics, which benefit businesses as well as the environment.

investor relations

Oceansix is a publicly-traded company in Toronto [TSXV], Frankfurt, and New York [OTC]. Our growing offering of high-value products is designed to meet the market needs and ESG programs of leading global brands in the automotive, transportation, agriculture, and more industries. We combine an active green manufacturing business with cutting-edge sustainable technological innovation.

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Albert Einstein

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Collaboration is the seed of growth - let’s talk!

אנא מלאו את טופס - Collaboration is the seed of growth - let’s talk!

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