2023, a year in review


Reflecting on the journey of 2023, it is evident that the year was marked by significant transformation and progress, setting the stage for a promising future. We want to share with you the key moments and accomplishments that defined oceansix’s year:

Foundational Growth and Strategic Mergers

The year began with a strategic shift as we consolidated our Israeli operations, moving key components to Germany. This relocation, completed in January, simplified our strategy and positioned us closer to the heart of Europe’s sustainability movement.

Also, a significant milestone was reached in March when oceansix shareholders approved the name change to oceansix Future Paths Ltd., officially recognized in May. This symbolized our unified commitment to a higher vision.

Leadership and Organizational Expansion

In a strategic move to strengthen our leadership ranks, April witnessed the key appointments of Salvador Cabañas Lopez as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Elad Hameiri stepping into the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of oceansix Future Paths Ltd. These appointments significantly enhance our executive team, bringing fresh perspectives and dynamic leadership to steer our innovative path.

Gat Ramon, our founder, was appointed Board Director and Chairman in April. This strategic decision fortified our governance framework thanks to Ramon’s visionary leadership and deep industry insights.

Expanding Horizons: Engaging in Valencia’s Innovation and Commercial Opportunities

As oceansix grows, we deepen our commitment to local and international innovation and business ventures, focusing on the Valencian ecosystem. Valencia City has established itself as a centre for pioneering ideas and lucrative business opportunities, and our CEO, Elad Hameiri, has been actively involved in various initiatives and events across Valencia. His involvement reinforces our dedication to the region’s commercial and innovative development and significantly boosts our company’s progress.

In line with our commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions, we proudly announce our membership in New ERA (Environmental Reusable Association). This esteemed organization is at the forefront of promoting reusable packaging systems and is dedicated to reducing waste and fostering a more sustainable future within Europe. Our association with New ERA is a testament to oceansix’s mission to revolutionize packaging, further emphasizing our dedication to sustainability and innovative practices.

Innovation and Market Impact


Our latest solution, HydroQuick, unveiled in 2023, marked a significant leap in hydroponic farming technology. This system is characterized by its all-in-one design, simplifying hydroponic installations and reducing time, labour, and environmental impact. Flome, part of the oceansix group, is the company in charge of the commercialization and is already negotiating with potential partners.

Reusable packaging system for e-commerce

This crucial project for oceansix has made notable progress. We eagerly anticipate its launch in 2024, following positive advancements in patent processes and ongoing negotiations with potential partners.

Looking Ahead: A Vision for 2024 and Beyond

These achievements in 2023 have strengthened our operational efficiency and accelerated our mission to create sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for critical industries. As we step into 2024, we’re boosted to continue this momentum, with our eyes set on delivering impactful innovations and fostering more sustainable solutions.

Keep following our journey as we engineer a better tomorrow.


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