Rethink, Repurpose, Reuse: Free Plastic Bag Day

As part of our unwavering commitment to reducing plastic waste, oceansix proudly supports Free Plastic Bag Day. This day serves as a critical reminder to rethink our dependence on everyday items, particularly plastic bags. The stark reality is that each plastic bag is used for an average of just 12 minutes, yet it takes centuries […]

RePack Selected for Amazon Sustainability Accelerator: Advancing Reusable Packaging Solutions

Amazon Sustainability Accelerator: Driving Climate Action RePack, the latest acquisition by oceansix, has been selected to participate in the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator. This prestigious program aims to combat climate change by supporting startups driving sustainable innovation, with the goal of making a significant positive impact on the environment. As part of Amazon’s commitment to sustainability, […]

A Merger that Multiples Impact: oceansix’ Game-Changing Acquisition of RePack

Tel Aviv, Israel [14th May]– Today starts the Circular Era for Packaging worldwide; oceansix Future Paths Ltd., a leader in advanced recycling and manufacturing technological solutions with a presence on the TSX Venture Exchange in Toronto (TSXV: CUSIP 001194828, OSIX), in New York (OTCQB: AKMYF), and Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN: A3EFB0, ISIN: IL0011948283, 5FC0), is […]

The European Union has taken a proactive step to rebuild its packaging rules, making a significant stride towards environmental sustainability. The provisional agreement reached last Monday between the Parliament and Council marks a key moment in the EU’s commitment to reducing waste, enhancing safety, and promoting a circular economy. This comprehensive approach addresses the entire […]

The Green Shift: Reimagining E-commerce with Reuse Systems

The e-commerce industry stands at the peak of a significant transformation driven by the urgent need for sustainability and resource efficiency. With the European Union leading the charge through legislative updates to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD), the spotlight is on adopting efficient reuse systems. These systems are essential for steering the e-commerce […]

oceansix Joins the goCircular Radar: Pioneering the Future of Circular Economy

We are thrilled to announce that oceansix is now a proud member of the goCircular Radar open innovation ecosystem, the first European community dedicated exclusively to circular economy startups. Pioneered by TheCircularLab, this remarkable platform represents the first comprehensive map of startups in the vibrant circular economy sector. The Power of Collaboration: Inside the goCircular Radar Ecosystem By joining the goCircular Radar, […]

Oceansix: Born from a legacy of sustainable manufacturing

How can a new company carry a legacy of 29 years? Oceansix does, growing from Cabka, a global leader in creating transport packaging from hard-to-recycle plastic waste. Founded by Gat Ramon, a recognized name in the recycling world, Cabka showcases the possible: running a prosperous business while uniting it with sustainable practices and a circular economy […]

Embracing the circular economy: our partnership with New ERA and the mission towards sustainable packaging in Europe

Exciting news! Today, we proudly announce our membership with New ERA, a vanguard European association advocating a revolutionary vision for reusable and reuse systems in Europe and worldwide. Joining New ERA is an emblem of our commitment to a larger joint mission: Joining the Reuse Revolution Our commitment to establishing efficient systems across Europe, ensuring packaging is […]

Shenkar College und Oceansix: Partnerschaft zur Förderung nachhaltiger Lösungen für Transportverpackungen und Anbausysteme

Oceansix collaborates with Shenkar College to foster sustainable engineering for the future Our collaboration with Tel Aviv’s renowned Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art. College is under way. The soon-to-be-graduates will enter the deeply fascinating and extremely important process of #sustainableengineering – with the support of the Oceansix team. For the next three months, their assignment will be to dare […]


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