2022: a year in review


2022 is in the rearview mirror, but the fruits of our hard labor is only now starting to come into effect. It was a time in which we laid the groundwork. And despite most of the work going unnoticed from the outside world, it’s been a momentous year packed with crucial decisions and small successes; each bringing us one step closer to the launch of our first products – and ultimately helping the world’s major industries become more sustainable.

Looking back, a few happenings stand out as more important for you who wish to understand where Oceansix stands today – and what’s in store for us in the coming year.

A strong union has taken shape

Oceansix started as an offshoot of the German company Cabka, a highly successful company specializing in recycling plastics and efficient logistics systems. This new company will now provide space for the development of potential high-impact products under the leadership of founder Gat Ramon and with a focused, creative and highly professional team.

To enhance our organizational capabilities and achieve readiness for innovation, we embarked on an extensive process of integrating three distinct companies into one organization. The parent company is K.B. Recycling Industries Ltd., conducting business as Alkemy provides us with highly valuable technology for plastic recycling. The other two companies, oceansix in Germany and Plasticos Flome in Spain, both 100% subsidiaries, contribute to our efforts by providing substantial expertise in product development and manufacturing. Valencia has since become our principal Research and Development site, as well as our test center and laboratory, capable of producing on a low scale fast. These strategic M&A projects have proved instrumental in enabling us to elevate our operations and augment our capacity for innovation, reinforcing our position in the industry.

Each individual company has proven itself capable of moving the needle on the sustainable industry, but together we have the opportunity of achieving a truly exponential impact. We now handle a much larger part of the value chain, from sourcing the material to inventing and producing new high-demand solutions, with the potential of greatly reducing the environmental footprint of different industries.

Soon to be united as oceansix 

Despite already functioning as a unified company for the past six months, Alkemy (K.B. Recycling Industries Ltd.), and oceansix GmbH are preparing to officially merge under one name only: oceansix.  

Once the name is complete, it will mark the end of our initial alignment chapter and we will continue as one company not only with a shared purpose but also with a shared name.

Operations have been streamlined

In order to take full advantage of our strong presence in Europe, we closed our manufacturing facility in Israel and relocated essential components to sites in Europe. It’s a long-term, strategic decision to benefit from Europe’s extended support and incentives for sustainable initiatives, as well as greater availability of plastic waste.

The relocation will drastically cut operational costs, reduce our own carbon footprint and streamline the organization. With our entire operation in Europe, and all eyes on ears on key markets, we are now completely ready to set this year’s expansion efforts into motion.

2023: an expansion year

Coming into 2023, we have a strong foundation to lean on; we are now one streamlined organization with an extremely passionate team whose talents are next to none. And our engineers at the R&D site in Valencia, Spain, are currently exploring two industries in urgent need of innovation; E-commerce and its reliance on single-use packages, as well as farming production and its increasing demands on crop areas and water consumption. These sectors are not only highly problematic from a sustainability perspective, but also hold incredible potential for economic growth; the exact balance we’re looking for in a venture.

We are currently focused on the above-mentioned industries to provide solutions that will significantly impact companies’ environmental footprint. Simultaneously, we are investigating and analyzing other exciting areas that need a circular transformation.

These solutions will put major industries on a healthier growth trajectory and enable modern society to flourish alongside the natural environment. 


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