The European Union has taken a proactive step to rebuild its packaging rules, making a significant stride towards environmental sustainability. The provisional agreement reached last Monday between the Parliament and Council marks a key moment in the EU’s commitment to reducing waste, enhancing safety, and promoting a circular economy. This comprehensive approach addresses the entire […]

The Green Shift: Reimagining E-commerce with Reuse Systems

The e-commerce industry stands at the peak of a significant transformation driven by the urgent need for sustainability and resource efficiency. With the European Union leading the charge through legislative updates to the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD), the spotlight is on adopting efficient reuse systems. These systems are essential for steering the e-commerce […]

oceansix Joins the goCircular Radar: Pioneering the Future of Circular Economy

We are thrilled to announce that oceansix is now a proud member of the goCircular Radar open innovation ecosystem, the first European community dedicated exclusively to circular economy startups. Pioneered by TheCircularLab, this remarkable platform represents the first comprehensive map of startups in the vibrant circular economy sector. The Power of Collaboration: Inside the goCircular Radar Ecosystem By joining the goCircular Radar, […]

2023, a year in review

Reflecting on the journey of 2023, it is evident that the year was marked by significant transformation and progress, setting the stage for a promising future. We want to share with you the key moments and accomplishments that defined oceansix’s year: Foundational Growth and Strategic Mergers The year began with a strategic shift as we […]

oceansix Launches HydroQuick, the Ultra-efficient Hydroponic Cultivation System

HydroQuick, the innovative hydroponic system set to transform agriculture with simplicity, versatility, and sustainable design In a transformative initiative set to redefine the agricultural industry, oceansix is proud to unveil HydroQuick — a groundbreaking system designed to revolutionize the efficiency and sustainability of hydroponic farming. This cutting-edge system is crafted to transform the way farmers install this method of […]

Oceansix: Born from a legacy of sustainable manufacturing

How can a new company carry a legacy of 29 years? Oceansix does, growing from Cabka, a global leader in creating transport packaging from hard-to-recycle plastic waste. Founded by Gat Ramon, a recognized name in the recycling world, Cabka showcases the possible: running a prosperous business while uniting it with sustainable practices and a circular economy […]

Embracing the circular economy: our partnership with New ERA and the mission towards sustainable packaging in Europe

Exciting news! Today, we proudly announce our membership with New ERA, a vanguard European association advocating a revolutionary vision for reusable and reuse systems in Europe and worldwide. Joining New ERA is an emblem of our commitment to a larger joint mission: Joining the Reuse Revolution Our commitment to establishing efficient systems across Europe, ensuring packaging is […]

Transforming the e-commerce industry

Exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that Oceansix is fully immersed in its groundbreaking project to revolutionize #ecommercepackaging. Our mission is straightforward: to transform the e-commerce industry by eliminating single-use packaging with a valuable asset that benefits companies, consumers, and the environment. In an era where sustainability is no longer optional, our Innovation Team is […]

Striving for a Circular Economy Through Sustainable Engineering

Since the dawn of the industrial age, our society’s prosperity has been propelled by a linear economy. Raw materials are extracted and turned into products, which are then discarded as waste; incinerated and lifted into the atmosphere, or dumped and hidden in the outskirts of human activity. Out of sight, out of mind. Without the […]

The Need to Transition to Reusable Packaging

Recycling packaging is often considered a solution to address the environmental impact of single-use materials. While recycling has its place in the pursuit of sustainability, it is crucial to recognize that relying solely on recycling is not enough. To truly tackle the challenges of waste management and resource conservation, businesses must prioritize the transition to […]


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